Making Lifetime Memories with Christening and Baptism Keepsakes

Celebrating a Baptism or Christening

Whether you have been invited to attend a baptism party or are planning a christening celebration, you are probably looking for ideas and wondering not only what to buy for the occasion but also if you can easily shop online for your gifts and necessities. 

In your planning, you'll likely notice the absence of local stores that carry everything you need under one roof. You might be able to buy a gown or outfit at one store, but chances are that they won't have other keepsake items or gifts for the event. 

That's what we are all about - providing unique ideas, all on one website, along with the links to shop online for these items.

A baby's christening is the very first step of their spiritual life. It's the sacred day they become a child of God and a member of their church family. 

Because they are so young, it is also an event for which they won't have first-hand memories. 


It is up to parents, godparents, family members, and friends to remind them of their christening day and that starts with personalized keepsakes of the occasion.

When you think about it, lifetime memories can be created out of everything from a personalized candle and customized favors to the traditional gown.

In fact, the outfit worn by the infant that day might even become the start of a family tradition for future generations. And don't forget about the accessories that can be purchased to complement the clothing, such as a bonnet, a bib, shoes, jewelry, a blanket, etc. They can also make wonderful souvenirs of the occasion.

Then, there are the invitations and decorations.

If you are a friend or relative that has been lovingly invited to witness and celebrate this sacred event, you are probably looking for a christian-themed gift fitting of the occasion. A personalized gift engraved with the baby's name and the date will truly honor the day he or she officially became a member of God's family.

I am confident you will find exactly what you are searching for and maybe even something you didn't know you were looking for.  So, sit back and relax knowing you have found your one-stop resource for unique baptismal and christening keepsakes. Take your time and enjoy your visit.  


Godchild & Godparent Baptism Keepsake Gifts

If you have been privileged to be chosen as a godparent, you will also find some wonderful god child gift ideas.

If you are the baby's parents, remember your chosen godparents on the christening day with a special gift honoring the responsibility they have graciously accepted.

Personalized godparent gifts make a lasting sentimental souvenir of this wonderful occasion and the special role they will play in their godchild's life.  

Storage of the Precious Mementos 

Another unique gift idea would be a beautiful, yet sturdy, container for storing some of the precious keepsakes from this special day so they remain safely accessible for years to come.

Below are a couple of pretty white storage boxes crafted out of wood that let you personalize them in either blue or pink.  Click on the images to see all the details.