Adding Special Baptism Accessory
to Your Baby's Outfit

Sweet Baby Handkerchief

A baptism accessory adds that special decorative touch to your baby's gown or outfit which will be capturing everyone's attention on this most special day. It doesn't necessarily have to be an item that is worn the entire day but maybe only used as needed.

You want your baby to look beautiful from head to toe for all the photos that will be taken that day and treasured for years to come. Keep in mind that many baptism accessory items also make wonderful, lifelong keepsakes.

Baby Blessings Silver Heart Bracelet

Accessorizing doesn't have to be totally left up to the parents as they will have plenty on their minds between planning the baptism and adjusting to parenthood. Accessories also make great gifts but be sure to consult with the parents before purchasing just to make sure they or anyone else isn't already planning to also present that item as a gift. Depending on the piece, you may also want to give the gift before the big day so the parents can include in their preparations.

Listed here are some charming christening accessory ideas, with some of them being part of the entire outfit.

PersonalizedChristening Bib

Bib - An essential baptism accessory to prevent stains from soiling your baby's heirloom baptism gown which is especially important if this gown will be preserved for future family members.

Personalized Baptism Blanket

Blanket - This can make a wonderful complement to your baby's outfit and will keep them warm depending on the season since babies tend to be more sensitive to changes in temperature.

Bonnet - Some of the most beautiful bonnets are fashioned from a handkerchief so when your baby gets married it simply converts back to a hankie for the bride to carry as she walks down the aisle. Many times the child's name and baptism date can be embroidered on it and with it comes a lovely poem.

Personalized Christening Shoes

Shoes and Socks - Specially designed white shoes and socks for the occasion are essential. Their precious details will have your baby looking beautiful literally from head to toe.

Baby's Cross Necklace and Keepsake Box Baptism Jewelry

Infant Jewelry - Any baptism outfit will be nicely complemented with tiny jewelry accents such as a birthstone bracelet or a cross necklace. Jewelry always makes a treasured family heirloom piece that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Baptism Accessory Keepsake Boxes

Once the special day has passed, thought should be given as to how you can safely store the precious keepsakes so they are easily accessible for years to come. 

Below are a couple of beautiful, yet sturdy, white storage boxes crafted out of wood and lined in black velvet that let you personalize them in either blue or pink.  Click on the images to see all the details.

Baptismal Prayer Keepsake Box
Baptism Day Personalized Keepsake Memory Box