Baptism Book...a LifetimeTreasure

A baptism book is a great way to celebrate this sacred occasion by presenting the baby with a lifetime souvenir. They can possibly refer to several different types of books.

One reference could be to a baptism photo book that actually holds all the treasured photos from the celebration. To make the album even more personal, the baby's name and the baptism date could be engraved on the front cover as pictured below. This book will make a great remembrance that can be cherished and reviewed for years to come with the child as you recall with him or her all the wonderful memories from their special day.

You may also find a baptism keepsake album to purchase which can be used to record all the details including the names of parents, godparents, grandparents, who performed the ceremony, date, location and time, names of guests, list of gifts, favorite photos, etc.

Personalized Children's Baptism Book

God Bless Personalized Book

The "God Loves You!" book pictured above will be a great reminder to a child how special they are to God and just how much he loves them making it a perfect baptism gift.  It comes personalized with the child’s first name on the cover and also appearing throughout the text of the book.  The dedication page is where you can include the child's full name, a special message, the sender's name, and a date which could be their baptism date.

Another idea of a baby's baptism book could be an actual storybook that explains and illustrates the meaning of this sacrament and what actually happened on their baptism day. Children love to have stories read to them and what could be more fitting than this unique book written and pictured just for their young age. 

Given as a gift from parents or godparents will ensure the child always remembers why they were baptized even though they were too young at the time to recall it first-hand. Below are some adorable books available for giving as a baptism keepsake gift.

Finally, a keepsake Bible could be another option.   When presented to the child on their baptism or christening, Bibles are truly meant to be treasured for years to come with their beautiful covers being embroidered with the baby's name.  

Catholic Children's Bible