A Baptism Cake Will Be the ‘Icing’
on Your Celebration

The first thing to consider in planning your baptism cake will be how many guests it needs to serve so you can determine the size of your cake. Specialty-shaped cakes are always festive but if you are going to be entertaining a lot of guests, you might want to consider a sheet cake which can also be beautifully decorated for the occasion.

A specially designed christening cake will complete your celebration. It can be as fancy or as simple as you like. Shapes that would make a great baptismal cake design could be a cross or an open book representing the Bible. It can be homemade or it can be professionally made to order.

If you will be making the cake, you might choose to use a box mix or you might want to make it from scratch using a specific recipe. I came across this website http://cake.allrecipes.com which has tons of recipes including those that use cake mixes as an ingredient. They have broken down their recipes for easier viewing by pan size/type, type of cake and flavor. The choices are endless.

When it comes to decorating your baptism cake, there are numerous books and videos that you can reference for unique ideas and tips. To keep the cake traditional, it can be frosted in white but decorated with various colors.

If your time is limited, it might be better to leave the baking and decorating of your baptism cake to a bakery. They can guide you through all the options they offer.

Baptism Cupcakes

Have you considered serving baptism cupcakes?

Cupcakes are now becoming a popular trend, even for weddings.   Each one can be individually personalized with beautiful decorations and served in special wrappers.   Shown here are elegant cupcake wrap-arounds that are available in different colors and designs.   Guests will be delighted and you will love how quickly they are assembled by easily sliding the ends together with a tab.

Baptism Cake Topper

You may also want to include a topper that will adorn your cake and that can also be kept as a souvenir.  

Pictured here is a nickel-plated looped cross cake pick.  This keepsake topper features a sparkling rhinestone in the center of the cross loops.

Cake Serving Supplies

Whether you will be gathering family and friends for an entire meal with cake for dessert or just hosting a cake and punch reception, serve each piece of cake in style with themed party supplies as pictured here.