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The baptism cross is a traditional gift for children who are being christened. A necklace may be included with the gift or the medallion may be presented alone to be placed on a necklace at a later time.

Baby Cross Necklace with Engraved Box

The crosses given at baptisms are typically made of silver, but gold may also be chosen. Silver and gold have symbolic biblical meanings. Silver represents God’s words, among other things. Gold symbolizes wisdom, glory and holiness.

You don’t necessarily have to choose between gold and silver. There are crosses that include both precious metals and those made of wood or ceramic.

Personalized Baptism Cross

Cross gifts can also include a variety of items simply in the shape of a cross such as a wall plaque, keepsake box, ornament, nightlight, etc.

The baptism cross is a traditional choice for the godparents’ gift to the godchild at the time of christening. But other close family members may also choose this gift. There are no specific rules for baptismal giftgiving, although there are some gifts that are considered to be in better taste than others.

According to etiquette experts like Emily Post, for example, traditional christening gifts from guests include the silver mug, knife, fork or spoon engraved with the baby’s name and that of the giver. Proper etiquette has changed over the years. Unique gifts are often given. The main thing that people try to do is to give something that will be long lasting and of heirloom quality.

Personalized Glass Cross Ornament

The cross is significant not only in that it may have value. It is also symbolic of the baptismal ceremony. It symbolizes the beginning of a child’s religious life, becoming a member of the church and becoming a child of Jesus.

Imagine your gift of a personalized christening cross hanging on the child's bedroom wall as a lasting reminder as they grow up. It also offers you a special way to share your faith with the child and serves as a token of spiritual inspiration to them.

It is safe to say that the baptism cross is among the favorite baptismal gifts. The symbols last for generations and often bring comfort to those who wear them.

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Bedtime Prayer Ceramic Cross
Baby Blessings Silver Heart Necklace
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