Baptism Gifts...Lasting Keepsakes

Christening and Baptism gifts should be a lasting reminder of this most special christian celebration which is the first milestone of their spiritual life. Since they are only a baby, they will appreciate the keepsake gifts as they grow older.

There are so many creative gifts available, especially when looking to buy baptism gifts online. Some are specific baptismal gifts while others are very appropriate presents because of their religious theme.

Personalized keepsakes are a great choice since they will be engraved with the baby's name and the baptism or christening date. This is a terrific way for the baby to always remember their baptismal day when he or she officially became a member of God's family.

If you're like me, you're always looking for that perfect, unique gift idea that no one else will purchase. There is such a feeling of reward and satisfaction when the recipient (or in this case, the baby's parents) opens your gift and is truly delighted.

Your baptism gifts can be items that will be displayed and treasured as a lifetime keepsake or they may be items that the child can interact with and enjoy. 

This adorable Baptismal Prayer Keepsake Box will store your precious keepsakes for years to come.  It features the child's name along with the date and location of their baptism.  Available in pink or blue. 

Since this is truly a special occasion, you'll want to be sure that your christening present is just as special.

Take advantage of the convenience to shop online for baptism gifts with the baptismal souvenir ideas listed on this page that I'm sure you'll find inspiring and unique. Click on each photo to see specific product details. 

What is a Great Baptism Gift?


Customized Photo Album - A personalized photo album makes a wonderful keepsake to hold all the cherished photos of their special day.


Engraved Photo Frame - A special picture frame is a great way to display a favorite photo from the baptism or christening, especially when it's engraved with baby's name, baptism date and a special sentiment.



Personalized Cross - A personalized cross hanging on their bedroom wall will be a constant reminder to them that they are a member of God's family. 



Baby Jewelry - Jewelry like a delicate baby cross necklace or a tiny infant bracelet will complement any baptism or christening outfit and can be passed down to the next generation.




Children's or Baby Bible - A personalized child's Bible is the perfect way to introduce Bible stories to a child with beautiful illustrations that specially appeal to children.




Personalized Doll or Lamb - An adorable doll dressed in their own christening gown and bonnet or a plush lamb can make a treasured keepsake, especially if the baby's name and baptism date is embroidered somewhere on them. 



Children's Rosary - A wonderful keepsake for the child to use and eventually be passed down to the next generation. A personalized case makes it an even more special remembrance.




Custom Embroidered Blanket - A personalized blanket or afghan makes a lasting memento. Display it in the nursery draped over a rocking chair or quilt rack.