Baptism Jewelry Can Be Her First Heirloom Jewelry

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There's nothing like a girl's first piece of jewelry, especially baptism jewelry commemorating the first milestone in her life. Even though she won't be able to wear it forever, it will always be cherished as her first keepsake piece. When she's older, she'll no doubt admire it while finding it hard to believe she wore something so tiny. She may even choose to pass the piece down to her daughter someday starting a family tradition.

A great christening gift idea would be to start this very special little girl's jewelry collection with a piece for her baptism. Presented to the family before the ceremony, it will be a charming adornment to her beautiful baptismal gown.

Baby Blessings Silver Heart Bracelet

You can select from presenting baby-sized jewelry such as a tiny necklace, a petite bracelet, a little baby’s ring or even small earrings if the infant already has her ears pierced. Some considerations might include pearls, her birthstone, Swarovski crystal and silver beads, cross shapes, gold pendants and rosary bracelets. Many times these items can be purchased with engraved keepsake boxes making them a truly lifetime memento.

A piece of jewelry is a gift about heart, so there’s no need to buy beyond your means since it’s not about how much you spend. Show your support for God, for faith and for family with a heartfelt gift that says, “I will help protect the family faith”. This is especially true if you are a godmother or godfather honoring your godchild with a memorable baptism jewelry gift.


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