Souvenir Baptism Picture Frame

Personalized Baptism Photo Cube

A custom baptism picture frame is the perfect way to showcase a photo of the baby in their christening outfit.

There is a reason that a baptism photo frame is such a popular gift. It is a great way to preserve the memory of the event—something the child and parents will treasure many years after the fact.

Parents love to put on display pictures of their children which is a perfect reason to present them with a personalized baptism photo frame. This will give them another opportunity to showcase a photo of their baby in their gorgeous christening outfit. They may even decide to feature a photo of themselves with their child or the godparents with their baby on that special day.

This photo frame can be placed in the child's room or among other family pictures as a treasured memory of their baptism day.

Personalized Baptism Picture Frame
Personalized Glass Christening Picture Frame
Sweet Blessings Christening Lamb Photo Frame

Choosing a picture frame that can be personalized with the date and the baby's name will definitely make it a lasting reminder of this special occasion. When shopping online, there are many different frame selections to choose from including wood, silver, gold, and glass. There are those that are simply personalized with the child’s name and baptism date with others are even more detailed being engraved with a special Bible verse or an endearing sentiment especially for the baby on this spiritual milestone. Many frames also feature the most common symbol of a christening or baptism, the holy cross.

Baptismal Prayer Photo Frame
Engraved Silver-Plated Photo Frame

Don’t forget about all the designs that personally address a godchild, godparent, godmother, or godfather. It’s always a special touch to tailor a picture frame in this way if it’s suitable for the recipient.

Included on this page are some terrific choices when it comes to choosing a baptism picture frame. Click on any of the photos for more detailed information.