Personalized Child Bible

Personalized Precious Moments Child Bible

A personalized child Bible - what greater baptism gift is there than a copy of the greatest book ever written.

This is a gift that can be used by the child many times over. What a great way for parents to spend quality time with their child...sharing stories with them from their special Bible further nurturing their faith. The child may also use it to look up memory work or Bible stories learned in Sunday School.

A Bible is actually a traditional gift for baptisms and christenings. The designs vary in detail, but there are some common features.

Catholic Childrens Bible

The Bibles can feature leather or vinyl covers. They are often wrapped in a white embroidered cotton or silk pocket. An embroidered cross may grace the center of the white pocket.

A protective gift box allows parents to store the gift in a hope chest to be added to as the years go by, but many children choose to carry their first Bibles to church with them as soon as they are old enough. The size of the Bibles is smaller than normal to make them easy for children to hold and read from.

A variety of translations and versions are available to accommodate the parents’ language and faith. English and Spanish translations are two of the popular choices. 

Personalized Lamb Bible for Baptism
Personalized Precious Moments Child Bible

These are not what we think of as Children’s Bibles. Children’s Bibles are usually illustrated. The language is easy to read and understand. The writing may be geared towards specific age groups.

Children’s Bibles also make wonderful gifts. Some include full color maps and charts that literally bring the biblical land to life. Giving a gift of this kind can help you bring a special child closer to God.

When you are selecting a child Bible as a gift for a christening or baptism, there are some things to keep in mind. Quality of the materials is one consideration. Many of the Bibles may be kept in their original packaging as keepsakes, but some will be used. Even those that are kept only as heirlooms should be of a high enough quality to last through the years.

Simply Charming Children's Bible

The language and version preferred by the parents is another detail to consider. In addition to the languages mentioned above, there are some unique options for Irish families and for those of other heritages.

It shows when you are thoughtful in your gift-giving. Giving a high quality child Bible is always a good way to show that you are thinking of the child’s future.

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