Sacred Child Rosary Gift

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A child rosary...the gift that will be an inspiring remembrance of a child's baptism or christening day.

Traditionally used by Catholics, rosaries are sacred pieces of jewelry made up of a series of beads used in their prayer ritual. A rosary is an official Roman Catholic Sacramental item, and one that commemorates the events of Jesus Christ’s life. The rosary item itself usually has a string of beads, or prayer beads.

The standard rosary consists of five sets of beads called decades, each composed of one large and ten smaller beads. Each bead represents a different part of the prayer and the space between the beads is used to count the times into the next bead and prayer.

The larger beads represent reciting the Lord's Prayer or Our Father. The smaller beads represent saying the Hail Mary or Ave Maria. In between the decades, or bead groups, the "Glory be," a mantra, is recited.

This has been a longstanding tradition within the church, and throughout the years, the rosary symbol has been championed by popes as an important part of worship, paying homage to Mary, the mother of Jesus. The rosary is still an important part of official ceremony, including the christening or baptism and naming of a new baby. It is quite common to buy rosaries as gifts for new babies, especially for godsons and goddaughters. 

Baby Rosary Personalized Bracelet

There is a wide selection of rosaries available today, and they come in many different sizes, styles and colors. There is also a difference in price, depending on how much you can afford to spend and how elaborate you want the piece to be. For instance, some child rosary gifts today come with crosses and keepsake boxes and some are made from materials of silver and gold. Some are highly elaborate and others are simple but beautifully crafted from quality materials.

This is a wonderful gift to provide for a christening as it is profound, moving and very family-oriented. Many Catholic families hold on to precious christening gifts, keeping them through the years as a symbol of faith and as a memento reminding them of their children. Sometimes families pass these items down through the generations.

When it’s time to choose a gift for a christening, consider a child rosary that is sentimental and something that the child can enjoy for years to come. You may even consider presenting it in an engraved keepsake box.

Featured on this page are some great child rosaries that can be given as baptism or christening gifts. Click on any of the pictures for more information.