Keepsake Christening Bib

Personalized Christening Bib

Every baby needs a suitable christening bib for their special day. A baby girl's bib will probably be more lacey and frilly to match the exquisite details of their beautiful christening gown while a baby boy's bib tends to be more simple and classic relating to the appearance of their baptismal outfit as well. Uniquely designed bibs for this occasion can serve a couple of purposes.

First, babies eat quite frequently so you know there will be at least one feeding while wearing their christening clothes. To keep the outfit stain-free for proper preserving, you'll want to put on some type of bib so why not one especially created just for this momentous occasion. Its intricate design is sure to complement any baptismal outfit perfectly.

Secondly, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion such as this deserves a stylishly designed bib. Everything about this day should be graceful and elegant, right down to the baby bib. Being fashioned specifically for this special day and embroidered or printed with their first name will make it a great keepsake for years to come.

Because you are dealing with a small infant, you also want the bib to be easy to use when it comes to its main purpose during feeding time. Having a snap or Velcro closure will allow for the quick on and off process. Be sure to also choose a style that is clearly made out of an easy-to-care-for fabric for simple clean-up so the christening bib can be used again or packed away for safe keeping. The product description should indicate whether it requires spot cleaning only or is machine washable.

Personalized Christening Bib
Christening Bib - Boy

Once the baby’s attire has changed to a more casual outfit, you can also use a more casual bib that now reflects their becoming a child of God as pictured here. These adorable personalized bibs can also be used on an everyday basis.

Bibs are just one graceful way to accessorize for this precious occasion.

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