Sentimental Christening Blanket

May You Be Blessed Personalized Christening Blanket

Every baby needs a special christening blanket for their special day.

Infants love to be kept warm so why not swaddle your baby in a beautiful blanket created especially for their baptism or christening. Its embellished design is sure to complement their baptism gown or christening boy outfit perfectly and will also make it a great keepsake for years to come.

Everything about this day should be distinctive and elegant, right down to their blanket.  Christening blankets can be made from quality fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin, etc. These beautiful works of art can be hand embroidered with a design, trimmed in lace, edged with a ruffle, or even feature a pretty bow. No matter the material or design, white tends to be the chosen blanket color since it should match their white baptismal gown/outfit for during the ceremony signifying the innocence and purity of little children. Following the special day, this blanket can be preserved along with the baby’s clothing for the next child lucky enough to wear the same ensemble - maybe a sibling, cousin, or even the next generation.

'God Bless' Baby Blanket
Personalized Baby's Blessing Blanket

Baptism blankets can also refer to afghans or throws, somewhat larger in size, that are personalized for the special occasion with baby’s name and baptism date embroidered on them.

You may also find designs that include a cross or a favorite baptism verse. These can also be used on the special day and are perfect for draping over a rocking chair in the nursery afterwards for those late-night rocking and cuddling sessions. These designs tend to be more usable after the occasion due to their machine washable care and also make great keepsakes.

Shown on this page are several beautifully designed blankets and afghans for either a christening or baptism. To see more closely all the exquisite details, click on each photo.

Joyful Blessing Embroidered Keepsake Blanket
Personalized Lamb Christening Blanket