Adorable Christening Bonnet

Your baby girl's gown won't be complete without an adorable christening bonnet. Imagine your baby looking so precious in her bonnet not only on her baptism or christening day but also whenever she will be wearing her 'Sunday Best'.

Baby boys also look divine when wearing a hat or bonnet to complement their outfit although it may not be quite as lacey and delicate. A cotton knit hat or cap may be more appropriate for them.

Be sure to check if the gown or outfit you purchase includes a matching bonnet. If not included, you'll want to purchase one separately like the one pictured above.

A bonnet that ties under the chin is probably best for quick and easy removal when the time comes to apply the baptismal water.

When it comes to baby girls, many are uniquely designed into a bonnet from a handkerchief so when she becomes a bride later in life, it easily converts back into the handkerchief she carries down the aisle on her wedding day.

These are meant to be a keepsake christening bonnet that will be cherished in the future at her wedding. Complete with either the baby's name or initials and baptism date, they also come accompanied by a lovely poem. 

Another baptism accessory for a baby girl is a dainty, decorative headband which can be used after the baby tires of wearing a bonnet or instead of a full coverage bonnet. The headband shown above is actually another keepsake that will eventually convert into a garter that can be worn on her wedding day. The adorable poem that's enclosed with the headband explains how it all works.

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