Charming Baptism & Christening Decorations

Blessings Pink Deluxe Party Pack

Beyond the beautiful ceremony, charming baptism & christening decorations can be part of your planning for the gathering of family and friends afterwards. There's no doubt that the sacrament of baptism is truly the reason for this special day with the reception to follow being a wonderful ending to this momentous event.

As the proud parents, you'll want everything to be perfect for your festivities, yet simple, as life is quite busy taking care of your new baby. What could be simpler than a themed baptism party package including decor items such as balloons, crepe paper, confetti, banners, ribbon, centerpieces, etc.   Tableware can also be considered part of your party trimmings as shown above, especially when everything is expressly matched to a specific theme.

A traditional symbol of a baptism or christening is the holy cross which can be featured as part of your decorating.   Guests will be delighted at the adorable cross theme that's carried through from the dazzling balloon bouquets to the tiny cross confetti scattered on the tables to the delightful dinnerware.

Devotion Ultimate Party Pack

No matter where your gathering will take place, make planning easy with baptism decorations that come in a total package including everything from the invitations to the utensils in dazzling color combinations appropriate for both boys and girls. 

Whether you are serving an entire meal or simply cake and punch, you will have exactly what you need for your special blessing party. Clean-up will also be effortless since everything is disposable. Typical packages include set quantities of invitations, thank you notes, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, tablecover, centerpiece, mylar balloon, latex balloons, crepe streamer rolls, curling ribbon and confetti. 

How many packages you need will be based on your guest list.   Need extra of something in particular?   Items can also be purchased separately.

Be sure to save a few christening decorations as souvenirs for maybe a scrapbook or for keeping in a photo album along with the day's photos. Keepsake items could be one of the invitations, a napkin, a decorative foil balloon, or some confetti.

You can also choose to order your favorsinvitations and thank you's separately from the baptism decorations, especially if you prefer that they be custom printed.

Welcome Guests with Baptism Decorations Banner

Whether hung outside or inside, a baptism banner is a great way to showcase your celebration and welcome guests as well as sharing an adorable photo of the guest of honor. 

Baptism Celebration Photo Banner

Personalized Photo Girl Baptism Banner
Personalized Photo Boy Baptism Banner