Personalized Christening Doll

A personalized christening doll is the perfect keepsake gift to start this dear little girl's doll collection. And what greater event to commemorate with a special doll than her baptism or christening.

There's nothing like a girl's first doll for her to treasure. Especially when it’s a memento of the first spiritual milestone in her life.

Although it might be too pretty to play with, it will always be her first keepsake doll displaying her name and possibly the date she officially become a child of God. It can be displayed in her room so she can look at it every day.

Even though a traditional doll is usually fashioned as a replica of a sweet young gal or a baby girl, there can also be plush choices that maybe resemble a teddy bear but dressed in their own christening gown.   

Lovable Lamb Personalized Blankie
Lamb Baptism Doll

Have you ever seen such adorable dolls as the lamb blankie and plush lamb pictured above? Soft and cuddly to the touch, they each are personalized with custom embroidery of the baby's name and baptism date. Either of these will make a great keepsake for years to come.

God Bless Personalized Teddy Bear
God Bless Personalized Teddy Bear

When it comes to babies, soft cuddly plush animals are also ideal gifts. It just seems that fluffy stuffed animals and babies go hand in hand so why not give them one that is unique making it perfect gift for a baptism or christening.

How adorable are the two God Bless Personalized Teddy Bears pictured above with their t-shirts featuring a cross and the child's name with the words 'God Bless'.  You specify either the blue or pink shirt.

Click on the pictures above to see more detailed information about each one of these christening dolls.

Lambs are also perfect for representing the child becoming one of Jesus’ little lambs through baptism. 

In your shopping, you may even find teddy bears or lambs that are musical and play such favorite tunes such as ‘I am Jesus Little Lamb’ or ‘Jesus Loves me’.