Heirloom Quality Christening Dress

What is a christening dress?

First, it may be referenced as the clothing that the baby girl will wear during the actual christening ceremony. Some may refer to her outfit as a dress instead of a gown. In this instance, everything we covered on our christening gown page is also appropriate to a dress. The dress is usually white or a white-like color and is made with intricate lace, trim and/or embroidery and is of very fine quality.

A christening dress can also refer to the outfit the baby wears during the gathering that follows the ceremony. The dress is usually shorter in length compared to a formal gown so it is more casual and more comfy for her as well as those family and friends who will be holding her.

Like a gown, a dress can be made from material such as silk, satin, organza, or cotton. The adorable smock style is common both with and without a tiny collar. White doesn’t have to be the choice for this after-christening outfit. Pastel pink is a popular color choice with delicate lace or beautiful embroidery as added embellishments. 

Having a change of outfit can also help with preserving the formal gown as an heirloom for future generations if it is only worn during the ceremony.

If a bonnet was worn for the ceremony, you may want to change that out as well for maybe a headband which will be an adorable accessory to her dress. That way the bonnet, too, can be set aside for safe keeping.

Some dresses may have the option of purchasing a matching headband.  If not, the stretch lace headband shown below is adorned with a ribbon rosette and pearls is uniquely special as it will someday turn into her wedding garter as explained in the sentimental poem that comes with it.