Unique Christening Gifts 
for a Baby Girl

Silver Cross Christening Keepsake Music Box

As a friend or relative, you want to purchase christening gifts worthy of the occasion since a christening is a huge event in the lives of a baby and her family. You also want to find a unique gift, one that reflects your own personality.

There are many different types of gifts to choose from.

  • Religious - Since a christening is a religious occasion, gifts for christening with a religious theme might be very popular. Jewelry such as a gold or sterling silver diamond cross or a birthstone rosary bracelet is likely to be a big hit. You can also purchase a lovely, personalized Bible that the little girl can treasure for a lifetime. If money is tight, consider making a poster featuring your ten favorite Bible verses. It’s easy to design this kind of poster on a computer and any office supply store can help you enlarge it and get it printed on poster board.
Embroidered Sweet Baby Handkerchief Christening Gifts
  • Sentimental - A christening is also a sentimental occasion, one the baby girl’s parents will look back on for years. Consider a christening gift that can help preserve the memories of the beautiful day. One idea is a commemorative christening blanket. You can either buy the blanket or, if you are handy at embroidery or cross-stitch, you can make the blanket yourself.  Another custom embroidered gift would be a fancy handkerchief as shown here.  After it has been used at the christening, it can be her 'something old' for her to carry on her wedding day. You can also purchase or make a print that explains the origins of the girl’s name. There are many online sites that offer such prints or, as with the Bible verses, you can look up the origins and create your own text, which you can then have printed onto elegant paper and framed. If you choose to write your own text, it might be fun to include a little bit about why the parents selected that particular name.

  • Just for Fun - A Christening gift does’t have to be items that will last a lifetime. Sometimes it’s okay for the presents to be just plain fun. Gifts that fall into this category include a soft, cuddly stuffed animal to use as a sleeping companion, an interesting mobile to hang above the little girl’s crib, and toys such as blocks, stacking games, rattles, and teething rings.

  • Practical - If you’re aware that the baby girl’s family is struggling financially, there’s nothing wrong with giving a practical christening gift. If you can put together a basket full of diapers, wipes, onesies, receiving blankets, bottles, and perhaps a pacifier, you may find yourself the most appreciated person at the christening party. Clothes are also a welcome practical gift. Remember to buy them just a little big so that the baby will have room to grow into them.
Baby's First Cross Necklace


If you are invited to a little girl’s christening, there are many fun, unique gifts you can bring that will please the baby’s family without wiping out your own bank account. Just use a little imagination and your knowledge of what the baby’s parents enjoy to guide you.