Baptism and Christening Gowns Can Become Family Heirlooms

Baptism and christening gowns are traditionally the chosen attire for baby girls as an important part of their baptismal or christening day. Baby boys may even wear a gown, especially if it’s a family gown that has been or will be passed down through the generations. The wearing of a full-length gown is symbolic of the rite of baptism with the white fabric symbolizing the innocence and purity of the child.

Since this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event, let your heart guide you in the shopping for your baby's gown. Let yourself fall in love with the outfit you choose.

Depending on how old your baby is upon her baptism, this may be her very first appearance to family and friends so the gown you choose will surely be admired along with your precious girl on her christening day. She will look like a heavenly angel all dressed in white on this most sacred occasion.

If you will be purchasing a gown, be sure to do so well in advance of the christening, especially if ordering online to allow for shipping time. In addition to the photos that will surely be taken that day, you may want to even schedule a session with a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your daughter in her gorgeous gown and have some of these pictures displayed on the day of the event. There’s no doubt that all these great photos will be cherished and treasured for years to come.

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At the same time you order the gown, or maybe even instead of a full-length gown, you may choose to purchase a less formal, but still adorable, christening dress which will be a shorter length for her to wear at the celebration following the service. This will assist in your preserving the formal gown if it is only worn during the ceremony. A shorter, less formal dress will probably be more comfortable for both baby and those holding her throughout the day.

When deciding from all the styles of christening gowns be sure to consider the time of year. Temperatures can determine fabric thickness and sleeve length. If you do purchase a short-sleeve gown but feel the weather might be cool, you could add an adorable white sweater to your baby's outfit so she is sure to be warm whether she's outdoors or indoors.

Another consideration will be choosing an heirloom quality gown. Your daughter might want to pass down her baptismal or christening gown to her children someday thus starting a family tradition. There are several fabrics from which to choose. Your choice of fabric may be influenced by the care that is required. Be sure to read the product details carefully to see if it's machine washable or if it needs to be hand washed. Typical fabrics available include 100% cotton, polycotton blends, organza (a sheer, lightweight, plainweave fabric traditionally made of silk and used in formal wear but also available in polyester), silk, satin and taffeta, and tulle or lace.