Christening Rompers for Boys

As an alternative to wearing gowns, boys can wear christening rompers which are one-piece, loose-fitting outfits characterized by their short-length pants. Rompers are fairly common as garments worn during modern christenings. Compared to more simple gowns worn in past history, today’s rompers can be quite elaborate. 

In following the tradition of representing the innocence and holiness of the baby and this sacred occasion, rompers are most often white in color. As with other christening outfits for boys, the fabrics they are commonly made from include cotton, cotton sateen, dupioni silk, and matte satin ensuring a quality heirloom. The outfit usually has short sleeves and may also be accompanied by a matching hat.

Let yourself fall in love with the romper you ultimately choose as it, along with your baby boy, will be the center of attention on his special day. Be sure to have many photos taken of your son looking adorable in his christening outfit so you and he can treasure them for years to come.

What is significant about this clothing is its religious usage as well as its family use. Families very often keep the romper or gown of their baby’s christening to perhaps pass it down to the next generation or simply as a memento that parents will cherish forever.

As parents planning a baptism, you’ll find it’s very easy to purchase heirloom-quality christening rompers online in a wide range of prices and in a variety of styles.