Selecting a Special God Child Gift

A god child gift should be a special memento that commemorates the bond between the godparent and the godchild. Traditionally, godparents were responsible for the child’s Christian moral upbringing in the event that the parents were not able to. In many traditions, the godparents would become solely responsible for the child in the event of the parents’ death.

So, it is quite a responsibility and also quite an honor to be chosen. God-children often come to rely on their godparents for advice or moral support. They may feel more comfortable talking with their godparents about some subjects. The bond is quite strong.

Godparents give gifts to their godchildren throughout their lives. The first gift is traditionally given at the christening or baptism. The gifts chosen by godparents vary. They are often religious in nature, but there is no rule saying that one choice is better than another.

Rosaries, St. Christopher’s medals, Bibles and crosses are commonly chosen, not only by godparents but also by other guests at the christening. If a religious godchild gift is chosen, it should reflect the beliefs of the parents. For example, a Catholic rosary would not always be appropriate.

Items that have monetary value are sometimes chosen. Things that increase in value, such as silver cups, are common choices. Stocks and bonds have become popular in recent years, because they have practical value.

As long as the family is not opposed to those kinds of gifts, they can be considered an investment in the child’s future. A silver cup would likely become a cherished keepsake. A savings bond or a carefully chosen stock could help to finance the child’s education.

Some godparents open a savings account in the child’s name. They make regular deposits, usually on holidays and birthdays to keep the account growing. Although not one of the traditional gifts, it is quite practical.

Silver is the traditional god child gift, but it is possible to be unique. There are many different silver gifts to choose from.

There are charm bracelets for girls. She might not be able to wear it today, but she will probably cherish it when she is older. Silver cufflinks are popular for boys. Jewelry of any kind may be purchased and personalized with the child’s initials and sometimes a short Bible verse.

If silver doesn’t happen to be in your budget, silver-plated is a little more economical and still a great choice for beautiful gifts such as a cross necklace presented in an engraved keepsake box. A personalized photo frame can be a cherished tribute to the special day with the photo it displays.

The underlying theme is to choose a god child gift for the christening that will last throughout the child’s life. Toys and games are for other holidays.