Unique Godson Gift Ideas

God Son Gift Personalized Children's Prayer Accent Light
Godson Gift Blessings From Above Godchild Frame
Personalized Lamb Bible Gift for Godson

Are you a godparent thinking about presenting a truly meaningful godson gift in honor of his baptism or christening?

Godparent is a title used in many Christian denominations that designates a person who “sponsors” a child’s baptism, he being the godson. A godparent was first a religious term, then a generalized connotation, and is now often used in reference to sponsoring a Christian baby being baptized. For this sacrament ceremony and in the years to follow, it is customary to buy a gift for your godson.

Personalized Godchild Baby's Blessing Blanket
Personalized 'Bless This Child' Cross
Personalized Godson Photo Frame

You were chosen as a godparent by the parents of the baby and what a honor it is. This is not merely a symbolic title; traditionally speaking, but a responsibility to oversee the child’s development, upbringing and religious conviction. By definition, a male sponsor is a godfather while a female sponsor is a godmother. Your gift is for the baby who is now recognized by the family and by the church as a follower of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Give a gift that is a true keepsake of this once-in-a-lifetime event that can be cherished from one generation to the next.

There are many god son gift items to consider, from picture frames featuring heartfelt sentiments to beautifully illustrated child Bibles to personalized prayer wall crosses symbolizing your commitment to your godson and his being baptized as a child of God. You can also find accessory items to complement his christening outfit such as personalized shoes or special cross embroidered socks as well as baptismal jewelry or a keepsake bib. Remember, it is the thought that counts since this is a gift celebrating faith, heritage and family unity.

This page features some unique godson gift ideas that will definitely provide lasting memories of his christening or baptism.  See more information on each gift by clicking on its picture.