Christening Gown Preservation

Christening gown preservation is not as complicated as most people think. In fact, it's quite simple which is good since it's essential if you want your baby's gown or outfit to be preserved for future generations starting a new family tradition.

Here are some things to ABSOLUTELY AVOID when storing the gown or outfit.

  • Storage bags with metal zippers or snaps which can corrode over time.
  • Vinyl or plastic bags since they don't allow fabric to properly 'breathe' therefore causing fading or yellowing and plastics can contain chemicals that cause damage over the years.
  • Wire hangers which can also leave marks on the fabric over time.
  • Paper boxes and tissue unless they are guaranteed to be acid-free.
  • Storage should not take place in hot places such as attics or in damp places such as basements. Instead select a cool, dry place such as a closet or cedar chest.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS...we have the perfect cost-effective solution for you that will make your outfit preservation a breeze.

It's a 100% unbleached muslin christening gown preservation bag which allows fabric to breath while protecting from dust, dirt, light and chemical contamination. In place of a zipper is a wide overlapped button closure. A fully covered muslin padded hanger comes with the bag.

Feel free to also place heirloom accessory items such as a bib, socks and shoes, bonnet or hat, blanket, etc., in this bag for safekeeping. The bag is available in sizes to fit both boy christening outfits and girl christening gowns.

Be sure to follow any and all laundering instructions on the outfit. If you are allowed to hand-wash, be sure to use an enzymatic cleaner making sure that the garment has been thoroughly rinsed of the cleaner and is completely dry before placing in the storage bag.

Remember the Accessories

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